Regional Development Australia - Wheatbelt
An Australian Government Initiative

RDA Wheatbelt Telecommunications Submission - Aug 2018

RDA Wheatbelt’s research articulates the indisputable importance reliable digital telecommunications has for the Wheatbelt’s ongoing economic development and supporting population growth in the region.

The RDAW 2017 survey responses could be seen as having a parallel with the businesses and residents of the 19th and 20th century Wheatbelt who for the same reasons, petitioned Governments for rail lines and roads. 

Essentially the internet and mobile phone are the Wheatbelt’s 21st century’s logistical infrastructure that could or should be delivering a scale of impacts beyond those delivered in the 19th and 20th century by the region’s rail and road networks. Therefore it could be argued that any inadequacies in the digital system are and may continue to impede the economic and social development of the region. 

As RDAW’s research has shown, better connectivity is key to the economic sustainability and future growth of the Wheatbelt.

RDA Wheatbelt August 2018 Telecommunications Submission