Regional Development Australia - Wheatbelt
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RDA Wheatbelt Enterprising Communities Report

The evaluation has shown that the Enterprising Communities program has delivered in terms of outputs and beneficial outcomes and there is a strong impression that it will also deliver positive impacts. The program has been a catalyst in bringing communities together for a common purpose, being not just to survive but to prevail, and in enabling communities to be the architects of their own solutions and their community’s future. The program has brought a realisation into communities that solutions to their various issues lay more with the community than external influences. As a result, at the very least, the program in some communities, has started the conversations that needed to be had and in other communities, acted as a galvanising mechanism to initiate action.

Essentially the success of the program has been derived from the facilitated extension (delivery) approach that has enabled a ‘ground up’ response to exploring and finding solutions to specific community issues. As such the facilitated process has engaged proactive community participation that even within a short space time is delivering community led activities and event planning. Given the initial positive outcomes and the immediate impacts the program has delivered through the facilitated approach, the Enterprising Communities program has delivered value for money.

The simplicity, adaptability and flexibility of the Enterprising Communities program lends itself as a model that, with minimal cost, could be used by smaller communities across regional and remote Australia to encourage community driven social and economic development.

RDA Wheatbelt acknowledges the valuable contribution to this program by the participating communities. To protect the ideas and initiatives generated within each community, RDA Wheatbelt has removed specific information from the Enterprising Communities Program Evaluation report.